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your Corporate Bootcamp

Versatile Workfit

Workfit is a Corporate Bootcamp.

Workfit offers tailor made fitness sessions for you and your staff at your work place. Workfit has the ability to visit your place of work and provide fitness sessions indoor or outdoor depending on space and attendance numbers. Sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour at a time. WorkFit sessions can be carried out before, after or during work at the convenience of your company and workforce. Work fit provides a high-quality service to all businesses small or large

* Do you have a high absenteeism?
* Are your staff always tired?
* Do your staff do much team building?
* Do your staff have a chance to socialise inside or outside of work?

These are all reasons as to why your company would benefit from Workfit. Exercise has so many health benefits.

People who partake in regular exercise are fitter and healthier. Fitness sees a direct correlation to better health; meaning staff are less likely to be ill meaning they are less likely to take time off work. Exercise can also improve recovery time from illness.

Exercise if done correctly releases a chemical in the body called endorphins which reduce tiredness and increase brain efficiency and function. This will help to keep your staff motivated and driven at work

A boot camp is a great way for your staff to get to know each other better, bringing out their competitive nature in team competitions as well as helping them to build better relationships with each other all round

Work fit is an opportunity for you and your colleagues to interact and socialise outside of a pub and restaurant environment spending quality time together in a controlled and fun manner..

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